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About us

Producerly is the first of its kind being a downloadable desktop-native full collaborative DAW.

On one side, competitive DAWs may be a desktop-native downloadable DAW however a multi-user collaboration feature will not be an option.  Meanwhile on the other side, other competitive DAWs may have a collaboration feature but will limit to minimal features such as lacking MIDI Support and/or Plugin Support, multi-user editing, recording, or file sharing due to being a cloud-based server-native platform. 

Producerly is a one-stop shop giving any music producer the best of both worlds, a downloadable Desktop-native DAW with full collaboration for multi-users in real-time for recording, editing, and file sharing supplying any needed functionality for a robust music production platform.

Key features: 

  • MIDI Support
  • Proprietary plugins
  • 3rd party plugin support 
  • Multi-user real-time recording 
  • Multi-user real-time editing
  • Multi-user real-time file sharing
  • Unlimited tracks
  • No need to compress file(s)
  • No need to unzip file(s)
  • No flash drive or cloud needed to share file(s)